Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedy

For immediate pain relief, your podiatric physician can give you a cortisone injection. There are many conservative treatments for plantar fasciitis that when used accordingly are very successful. You should be icing and stretching the bottom of your foot daily. Your podiatric physician may refer you to a physical therapist to aid in your treatment and to teach you the most effective stretching techniques for your foot type and condition. You may also be advised to wear a night splint that stretches your tendons and fascia in your foot while you sleep. These treatments can significantly reduce the inflammation of your plantar fascia and thus reduce your pain.

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One of the most common braces used to treat and correct plantar fasciitis is a night splint. This device is worn around the foot and calf to reposition your ankle and toes in such a way that the plantar fascia is consistently stretched while you sleep. This stretch helps to lengthen the thick band of tissue, providing better flexibility and minimizing the strain placed on the plantar fascia throughout the day. It's worn each night until you see an improvement in your condition. Your doctor can help determine when you no longer need to wear the night splint. You Might Also Like Daytime Braces

Effective treatment consists of an introduction of the arch support, whose absence contributed to the condition in the first place. This can take the form of over the counter arch supports, no special supports are necessarily required for plantar fasciitis As one can assume without seeing the commercials, there are numerous reasonable arch supports on the market. Here is how a typical healing session for plantar fascitis works. You contact me via my website. We discuss the history of your condition. I ask you for your pain level 1-10 when seated and when standing. I ask you to close your eyes, relax, and focus lightly on the area of pain.

Most of the time plantar fasciitis occurs with no known cause. There are a few known contributing factors. Obesity, tight calf muscles that prevent you from flexing your foot, high arches, and repetitive impact from running and walking are some of these factors. The most common symptoms are foot pain first thing in the morning and pain towards the heel. Treatment includes rest, ice, exercises, and physical therapy. The exercises involve stretching the plantar fascia. The physical therapy aims to relax the plantar fascia and allow it to heal. Supportive shoes can also help. Best Shoes

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