Bunions: Pain relief, outpatient surgery, faster recovery. Contact NueStep.

Bunions: Pain relief, outpatient surgery, faster recovery. Contact NueStep.

Can Bunions Be Removed by Minimally Invasive Surgery?
Can Bunions Be Removed by Minimally Invasive Surgery?
Sometimes, despite conservative treatment, bunions cause so much discomfort that you may need surgery. Fortunately, thanks to the development of minimally invasive techniques, you can potentially receive relief while enduring less bunion pain and enjoying faster recovery time.

Minimally Invasive Bunions Surgery
Traditional bunion surgery, called osteotomy bunionectomy, requires doctors to cut through bone to reposition the big toe. Patients often spend two months or more on crutches after the surgery, meaning significant time away from work and missing many favorite activities.

With minimally invasive bunions surgery, doctors make small incisions to perform surgery with tiny instruments. One innovative treatment allows doctors to drill tiny holes through the big toe bone, or metatarsal. They thread thin fibers through the holes, which they use to pull the toe into alignment. Another treatment, the simple bunionectomy, simply shaves down the protruding big toe bump and doesn't require realigning the big toe joint.

What to Expect
Bunions surgery is usually performed in an outpatient surgery center. Doctors use ankle block anesthesia to numb the foot, but you are awake throughout the procedure. Generally, about one to two hours after surgery, you'll be able to go home. With minimally invasive surgery, you may be able to walk using a boot or special cast.

Your post-surgical bandages are designed to hold your foot in position for healing, so you need to keep them dry and change them according to your doctor's instructions. When you're taking a shower, wear a plastic bag over your foot to prevent your bunions wrapping from getting wet.

If you have significant big toe pain after surgery, your doctor may prescribe short-term pain medications. You may take antibiotics to prevent infection. Also, your doctor may recommend physical therapy to recondition your foot. You'll have to avoid high heels and pointed toe shoes in the future.

Contact Northstar Healthcare at nuestep.com if you've tried traditional treatment without much relief from your bunions. For many patients, we are able to offer minimally invasive surgery to relieve pain and speed healing.

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